Sabtu, Ogos 02, 2008

Stress that's Bad

My husband had given something special that is subscribing Reader's Digest for one year. Thanks dear. I love to read something that would motivate us. Based on RD Health, I'm glad to share something. It is about stress that's bad in our daily life.

It's common to feel frenzied with a busy schedule, but it's possible to enjoy life and thrive with hectic lifestyle-if it's loaded with good stresss, the kind that energising and motivating. How do you tell good stress from bad?

1. Facing something with a mixture of dread, worry and anxiety.
2. Having an overloaded schedule stuffed with obligations that you don't enjoy and wouldn't fulfill if you had a choice.
3. Feeling that what you do is unimportant , unfulfilling and not worth the effort and time.
4. Feeling out of control and overwhelmed , with no end in sight and no help on the horizon.
5. Wanting to stay in all the time rather than take a stab at getting through the day.
6. Having restless sleep, ulcers, backpain or recurrent illnesses.

Reader's Digest August 2008

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