Selasa, September 02, 2008


Kecewanya hati saya kerana tidak dapat menggunakan internet di rumah mahupun di sekolah. Gangguan teknikal memusnahkan impian saya untuk mencatat sesuatu hari ini. Walaupun boleh dilakukan melalui opera mini, tetapi kepuasannya berbeza.

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  1. teacher jngn kecewa..walaupun opera mini tak berapa puas...teacher tetap bleh online dimana saja teacher pergi....

    luv u my teacher
    from:::Min@missniigaki yumi

  2. I wrote my comment in Maheranhz's, but I think I should write again here. First, I do have Opera Mini, but it is just for emergency. I hate pressing keypad. Secondly, Maxis Broadband you can get it in Rawang Town, next to TMPoint, so no need to go Low Yat. However, there are a few setbacks. With Maxis, basically you can go everywhere. 3G is the fastest, HSDPA is the network if 3G is not available. The problem is, the consistency is not guaranteed, especially after 7pm. I don't know why, but that is the case (I'm using Maxis in college with Rakan kongsi, at home Streamyx). If you want it, buy the RM100 package, satisfactory warrantied (not guaranteed). Lastly, I have to comment on the songs that you put in the page. A lot of people don't like music when they are browsing, so, please do not put any. If do, don't set to Autoplay. Press-play is enough. Actually I can't even find the button for play. Ok, so much already. Happy Blogging! Join the Blog Action Day (view my Blog in Charity From Here).


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