Selasa, Mei 10, 2011

Mood Is Not Always Better

I have long wanted to write in English. It is time for me to get started. At least two or three entries a week. What a positive renewal. 
     For two days, I lay down for a little unwell. But not in the least reduce the spirit to write.  I am extremely bored, probably because of too much sleep.  I am discomfort, may  be caused by hormonal rage, and the worst part is I feel like to punch people too. It sounds I? hehehe...  About 5 am, I was still concern themselves with the twitter with whom want
     Due to the already weary of the amount of sleep that much, I find myself tiring. After the story of Marimar, a telemovie that I like, I was out with a little sweet heart  'si bocah cilikat Parkson Rawang buying books of colorful children's and I guess it is  very attractive for her,  eating ice cream at Mc D also  rejoicing her  in the children's playground , moving site to site. She was happily and so did I. 

     I find I'm tired, neglected to treat her until midnight. But though tired, it was really did not answer or relieve boredom that I feel now   and still  I can sense of the feeling  to punch someone right now. Thoughts linger with restless heart now and actually  I need someone to talk. But I have not met someone who could become loyal listeners for these two days. Please remove me from this boredom. I feel  life is stressful. Hopefully it will be gone after two days.

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